05 Jul 2018
Who is the best dentist in Jupiter FL?

Sometimes even the best dentist in Jupiter FL cannot save a tooth. That makes an extraction necessary. But, extractions get a bad rap. You shouldn’t go into your extraction with a closed mind! Here’s what you should know: What is a Tooth Extraction? A tooth extraction is when our dentist professionally removes an unhealthy tooth….

20 Apr 2018
Who is the best oral surgeon in West Palm Beach?

Sometimes a stubborn infection just won’t stop. Even after a root canal with an oral surgeon in West Palm Beach, other canals within the tooth can harbor bacteria. So, if you’re suspecting a persistent infection after root canal therapy, here’s what you should know about an apicoectomy: What is a Root Canal? A root canal…

27 Dec 2017
do i need an oral surgeon in west palm beach

Infection can occur anywhere in the body – including the mouth. This sometimes leads to needing an oral surgeon in West Palm Beach. If you’ve undergone a root canal and infection persists, it may be time to see our dentist about an apicoectomy. Learn more about the procedure: What is an Apicoectomy? Your teeth are…