22 Jun 2020
Dental Implant

Tooth loss is extremely common in adults. However, with today’s advances in dental technology, our team can easily help to restore your smile! With dental implants, you can get the beautiful and healthy smile of your dreams! Dental implants are a permanent solution that provide patients with a sturdy and durable smile that can function just as a natural smile would. Our West Palm Beach cosmetic dentist recommends this type of treatment for anyone who has experienced severe tooth decay and is looking for a total smile transformation! Dental implants are ideal for patients who require a full smile restoration.

Permanently Restore Your Smile

Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss, so this procedure is a lifetime commitment. We work with patients to fully understand their smile goals and evaluate any underlying oral health issues that may affect the success of any further treatments. This helps us determine if you may require any additional treatments prior to receiving dental implants. Once we understand your smile a bit better, we can start to develop a plan to fully restore your smile. Whatever your individual needs might be, we can create a treatment plan that can provide you with lifelong results.

The Best Value for Your Money

Dental implants can provide you with a lifelong guarantee when it comes to your smile. Over time, implants will fuse directly to your jaw bone and become part of the structure of your face. This offers a unique sense of stability and security when it comes to the function of your smile. Dental implants are extremely durable and will likely never show signs of wear. They can last decades without ever needing to be adjusted or replaced. Other restorative options may require some maintenance over time, but dental implants are a solid investment in your smile. Our West Palm Beach cosmetic dentist recommends dental implants for any patient who requires a more secure restorative option.

Regain Full Function

The biggest advantage of dental implants is that they help patients regain full function of their smile. That means they can chew and speak better than ever before. This is because dental implants work just like natural teeth. Implants utilize a titanium screw to attach to your jaw bone. This is because titanium has a biocompatibility that allows it to become part of your facial structure. This screw acts as a tooth root and secures the dental implant in place. Our West Palm Beach cosmetic dentist recommends dental implants for any patients who need to restore function to their smile and improve their oral health.

Get a Custom Smile

Implants provide patients with the opportunity to customize their new smile to match their other healthy teeth. Porcelain crowns are used to provide you with a totally natural-looking smile that is totally stain-resistant. This crown attaches directly to the titanium screw in the jaw bone. This allows patients to get the most natural-looking smile because you can choose the color, size, and shape of the new tooth. Other restorative options may not blend as easily with your smile, so dental implants are often the preferred method of restoration.

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