29 Sep 2021

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental x rays are an essential part of dentistry. Without seeing into the tooth via an x-ray, it would be much more challenging to diagnose dental issues accurately. However, radiation in large amounts can be dangerous, but how much is too much, and are there other risks to getting x-rays?

Radiation Levels

Radiation levels in each x-ray are incredibly minimal. When you have multiple x-rays regularly, you start having problems from regular radiation exposure; radiation in small amounts so long as you are healthy isn’t dangerous.


Usually, you will only receive a dental x-ray once a year; if you’re getting x-rays more frequently than that, you should inquire why and ask about the risks of radiation on your body. There are also several reasons you should avoid an x-ray which we’ll go over later.

Cancer Risk

X-rays directly expose you to radiation that increases your risk of cancer later in life by a minuscule amount. When often used, this tiny amount adds up, and your chances of getting cancer increase even more, which is why you should only get an x-ray when you need one.

When to Avoid X-Rays

There are several reasons you should try to avoid x rays, and you should always let us know if they apply. If you are pregnant, have had cancer in the past, or are concerned about if the x-ray is needed, you should let us know or ask us questions.

If you’re concerned about x-rays or radiation, rest assured our office only performs x-rays that are necessary for your dental health. Feel free to contact us anything about your dental health, same-day crowns in Jupiter, x-rays, or radiation at your next appointment!

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