30 Aug 2021

 Energy drinks are how many workers get through their night shifts and how many people push through their day, but are they bad for your teeth? It turns out they’re worse than you think.

All of the Acid

Energy drinks on the market today are full of acidic liquid, and when you drink them, you’re bathing your teeth in acid; this chips away at your enamel or your tooth’s force field. Once that enamel is gone, your tooth is impacted by this acid without protection. This can lead you to need an Emergency Dentist in Jupiter as energy drinks can quickly lead to pain and tooth decay.

So Much Sugar

 Not only does acid chip away at your enamel, but sugar does too. Energy drinks are full of different kinds of sugars, and you’re bathing your teeth in these sugars every time you take a drink. Like acid, sugars break down your teeth, cutting the life of your dental health off early.

What you can do

 Slow down on the energy drinks, opt for more health-friendly alternatives like green tea, and brush your teeth after drinking your favorite energy drink. These are all easy-to-implement things that can help you beat the energy drink monster. 

If you drink energy drinks regularly and have tooth pain, the energy drinks may be causing your pain. When your teeth are aching, feel free to set up an appointment with us! As an Emergency Dentist in Jupiter, we pride ourselves in giving you your best smile!