23 Aug 2018

Oral health isn’t something that you should think of every once in a while. In fact, even the best dentist in Jupiter FL only does half of the job. Your daily lifestyle can have a huge impact on your oral health. So, here are some lifestyle changes to make note of:

Maintain a Balanced Diet

A mouth healthy diet can be seen through your smile! Eliminating sugars and eating calcium and protein-rich foods can help you maintain strong enamel and a white smile.

Eliminate Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking alcohol can be corrosive. Try to put the cigarette down and stick to healthier drinking options. Your breath and smile’s appearance will both improve!

Establish an Oral Health Routine

Having a well-established oral health routine is not only beneficial for your continued oral health but your happiness as well! Having a nightly and morning routine associates your mind with what’s to come afterward. This can change your outlook on the day or night to come. But, having an oral health routine keeps plaque and bacteria away, keeping your smile healthy.

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Exercise Regularly

You may not see the connection between exercise and oral health. But, research has connected some dots between certain health concerns and oral health. Heart disease, stroke, and diabetes and their connection to your oral health, are all something to be mindful of! So, don’t skip brushing your teeth or hitting the gym.

Talk to Your Doctors About Medications

Some medications can actually have a big impact on your oral health. In fact, some can cause unsightly staining. So, when it comes to medications, be sure to speak to your doctor about changes that may occur. And, if you notice some changes in your smile, don’t stop taking your medication, but reach out to the doctor who prescribed it, as well as your dentist.

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You deserve a smile that you’re proud of! And that starts with building a great relationship with your dentist. So, when looking for the best dentist in Jupiter FL, be sure to contact Premier Dentistry to schedule your next appointment.

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