13 Feb 2018
why would the best dentist in north palm beach perform an extraction

Sometimes we simply cannot save a tooth. After several complications and no progress, your dentist may suggest an extraction. This is the removal of the tooth. Don’t worry – even the best dentist in North Palm Beach may suggest an extraction after a certain point. This is to keep your entire mouth healthy. Read to learn more:

Why Do I Need an Extraction?

There are several potential reasons for an oral surgeon to perform an extraction. An impacted tooth, crowding, or decay and infection are all common causes. And, if after all routes to save the tooth are exhausted the tooth is still in bad shape, an extraction will be necessary.

How is an Extraction Performed?

If you’re in need of an extraction, an oral surgeon will perform the procedure. With precision, they will numb the affected area then remove the tooth from the socket.

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How Do I Care for an Extraction?

After an extraction, your mouth is sure to be a little sensitive. And, it’ll require some TLC. To begin, you will need to begin by having a friend or family member drive you home. Your doctor will most likely prescribe you the appropriate painkillers. You should rest with your head propped up on a pillow to reduce bleeding, and continue to change gauze pads. Lastly, do not smoke and limit your diet to soft foods.

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