31 Jul 2020

Many people have minor smile insecurities that can greatly affect how they feel about their appearance. Dental veneers can provide patients with the opportunity to customize their smile and improve self-confidence!

Brighten Your Smile

Teeth naturally become discolored due to the foods we eat and drinks we consume. This can cause many people to become self-conscious of their smile and it can damage their confidence. One way to improve the appearance of tooth discoloration is with dental veneers. Our North Palm Beach cosmetic dentist recommends veneers to help improve discoloration throughout your smile. You can achieve a total smile transformation with the help of veneers! Many patients prefer getting veneers over teeth whitening because veneers are a permanent change to your smile. While teeth whitening is extremely effective, it is only temporary and you can cause staining on your teeth again after treatment. Veneers are typically made with porcelain, which is a stain-resistant material. That means you can drink coffee, wine, and have red sauce without worrying about causing tooth discoloration.

Choose the Shape & Length of Teeth

Some people are unsatisfied with the shape or size of their smile. Veneers can give people the ability to choose the shape and size for their teeth. When you decide to get veneers, our North Palm Beach cosmetic dentist will shave off a thin layer of your natural tooth to prepare some room for the veneer. This helps to create some grittiness that will hold the veneer in place. Next, our dentist will cement the custom veneer to the tooth’s surface. This process gives patients the option to totally design their smile both in shape and size. If you are unhappy with the natural shape of your teeth, talk to our team about the benefits of dental veneers.

Repair Chips or Cracks

Teeth can easily get chipped or cracked simply by eating or even due to an injury. This can be seriously harmful for your smile, especially if the damage reaches the gum line. Any crack or damage to your tooth that reaches the gums may lead to needing a total tooth extraction. If you have a slight chip or crack, a veneer can help to prevent further damage. Veneers can also repair the look of your smile after they have suffered any sort of damage, or cover any scratches that may be visible on your enamel.

Protect Damaged Enamel

If your enamel is worn down or damaged, veneers can add an extra layer of strength to help protect your teeth. Our enamel can not be regenerated after it is damaged, so it is so important to do everything possible to retain it. Weakened enamel can be uncomfortable and it can also put your oral health at risk. Enamel protects the core of your teeth from dental decay and infection, so weakened enamel can seriously threaten your healthy smile. Veneers help to prevent further damage to your teeth by acting as a barrier. Porcelain is extremely durable and can protect the core of your tooth against the harmful effects of dental decay. If you suffer from having weakened enamel, talk to our North Palm Beach cosmetic dentist to find out if you could benefit from porcelain veneers.

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