27 Apr 2018
Where can I get dental implants in North Palm Beach?

When you express interest in dental implants in North Palm Beach, your dentist will need to complete a thorough exam of your overall oral health. This includes taking a look at the status of your jaw bone. Dental implants require healthy bone as support, and if adequate support isn’t available, further action is taken. Here are some common causes of bone loss:


When decay persists in your mouth, it can lead to periodontitis. This is a severe infection that can lead to the deterioration of bone within your mouth. So, over time, you can lose bone and function.

Tooth Loss

Your jaw bone health lies on a “use it or lose it” idea. When you chew, that pressure stimulates the jaw bone. So, when you don’t have the teeth and proper function to chew with, your jaw bone doesn’t get the stimulation it needs to stay healthy. If not treated early on, this can lead to greater loss which, in turn, makes it harder to restore your smile.

Do I need surgery for dental implants in North Palm Beach?


Over time, especially for women, bone loss can occur, leaving your bone density lower and your bones weaker. This fragility can be a little hiccup when looking to get restorative dentistry, like dental implants, done.


Trauma early on or trauma that wasn’t treated properly can lead to residual issues. Over time, the health of your jaw bone can be impacted. That’s why it’s essential to address trauma and dental health issues as soon as possible.

Are You Looking to Get Dental Implants in North Palm Beach?

Dental implants in North Palm Beach are the perfect smile solution for so many! If you’re interested in your restoration options, contact us at Premier Dentistry to schedule an appointment.