29 May 2018
Where can I get dental implants in West Palm Beach?

Nowadays, people are very attentive when it comes to what they’re putting in their bodies. This includes dental implants in West Palm Beach FL. Dental implants are made to last. But, what are they made of? Keep reading to learn:


The post of a dental implant is meant to act as an artificial tooth root. So, it needs to be made up of an extremely reliable and mouth health material. Titanium is more often than not that material. The screw-like post fuses with your jawbone to create a sturdy foundation for the rest of the implant.


The abutment is a small piece that many may overlook. But, the truth is that it plays an important role in the construction of a dental implant. This piece connects the post to the crown. It ensures that the crown is there to stay and can be screwed on with ease by your dentist.

Am I a candidate for dental implants in West Palm Beach FL?


The crown is the part of the tooth that you see. So, you want this to look as natural as possible. A crown is typically made out of a ceramic material. This allows your dentist to order a custom color so that it blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile. At the same time, this top piece is extremely durable so that you can eat, talk, and more with comfort and confidence.

Are You Interested in Dental Implants in West Palm Beach FL?

If you’ve experienced tooth loss, your smile deserves a second chance. Dental implants in West Palm Beach FL can accomplish that! So, if you’re looking for a durable and long-term solution to tooth loss, contact us at Premier Dentistry to learn more and to schedule an appointment.

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