06 Sep 2018
Where can I find the best dental implants north palm beach?

When it comes to restoring smiles, Premier Dentistry specializes in making our patients comfortable. We use the best technologies available to make your implants strong and healthy.

Where can I find dental implants north palm beach?

How They Work


First, any dead tissue is removed from the site of the implant. The gums are pulled back to slightly expose the jaw bone, and the titanium post is rotated into place. After the posts are set, the new tooth implants are seated into the posts and arranged so that they match your smile. They are then finally cleaned and prepared for the healing process with regular checkups. Implants are designed to last for decades when properly cared for. Recovery time should only take several weeks, and healing is monitored by your dentist.


Implant Benefits


While the way implants are installed might seem invasive, they are perfectly safe for your mouth. The posts that are inserted into the jaw are made from aircraft-grade titanium, which will never corrode or harbor bacteria. Implants are ideal if you are looking for a permanent solution to several teeth missing from other healthy teeth. If you are missing many or most of your teeth, dentures would be ideal for example. Implants are also very durable and will function just as well as your real teeth.


Dental Implants North Palm Beach


Here at Premier Dentistry, the patient always comes first. Our priority is making sure that all our patients are comfortable and informed about their treatment options. Give us a call today for a consultation!

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