20 Apr 2018
Who is the best dentist in North Palm Beach?

If you’re looking to restore lost teeth, it’s possible that there may have been some bone loss over time. While it doesn’t happen to everyone and depends on each unique situation, bone loss can play a major role in treatment plans for a dentist in North Palm Beach. Keep reading to learn about bone grafting:

What is Bone Loss?

Bone loss is a very common issue where people lose bone quicker than they are able to regenerate it. Low bone density can cause an array of medical issues. In terms of dentistry, it makes it harder to restore a smile.

What Causes Bone Loss?

There are several causes of bone loss. However, the most prominent include gum disease, tooth decay, and injury. These can all lead to insufficient healthy jawbone that then doesn’t allow for treatment options, like dental implants, to happen immediately. A bone graft is recommended on a case-by-case basis.

Can I see a dentist in North Palm Beach for bone grafting?

What is Bone Grafting?

When you’ve experienced tooth loss and let it go untreated, you may experience bone loss. However, when you go in to take care of it at a later date, this can become an issue. In order to make the jaw bone a sturdy platform again, a bone graft will augment healthy jaw bone to stimulate regeneration. This permits treatment options, including dental implants.

Do You Need a Dentist in North Palm Beach?

From dental cleanings to more serious procedures, you deserve a dentist in North Palm Beach that is dedicated to your ongoing oral health. So, if you’re in need of the highest quality dental care, contact us at Premier Dentistry to set up your next appointment.