21 Feb 2020
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Ways to Battle Halitosis with Our Dentist in North Palm Beach

If you’re suffering from chronic bad breath, you may be experiencing an oral health issue you’re unaware of. Consult our dentist in North Palm Beach about your bad breath concerns so we can give you a thorough dental exam to get to the root of the issue.

Bad breath is caused by several things like foods you eat or skipping your morning dental routine. However, consistent bad breath is not normal and is a signal that your health is declining.

Common Causes of Bad Breath

● Smoking is a leading cause of foul-smelling breath. Tobacco causes gum disease, dental decay, and even oral cancer. Avoid smoking altogether to keep your smile minty-fresh.
● Eating garlic, onions, and some other vegetables cause bad breath. To improve breath after eating, chew some sugar-free gum.
● Poor oral hygiene causes bad breath, so brush and floss consistently!
● Dry mouth causes bad breath because saliva naturally cleans your mouth. If you’re always breathing with your mouth open, you may have constant morning breath.
● Infections cause bad breath, like when you get a cold or flu. This is especially true in instances where you’ve had oral surgery, like wisdom tooth removal. An oral infection causes persistent bad breath that’s cured through medication.
● Acid reflux causes bad breath, so monitor how the foods you eat affect your breath. If you notice certain foods giving you acid reflux, consider eliminating them from your diet.


Breath that consistently smells bad is a condition called halitosis, which is common but treatable. If you consistently notice these symptoms, call our dentist in North Palm Beach.

Symptoms of halitosis includes:

● Post-nasal drip
● Sour or metallic taste
● Thick saliva that leads to constant throat-clearing and coughing
● White coating on the tongue
● Dry mouth
● Plaque buildup around the teeth and gums
● Odor

The first step to improving your oral health is taking inventory of your current oral hygiene. Every smile requires the basics: Brushing twice per day with fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush, flossing before bed, and visits to Premier Dentistry every six months. If you’ve noticed you’ve been taking great care of your teeth but the bad breath is consistent, tell our team. You may require additional treatment to keep your smile healthy and fresh.

You should see one of our professionals if your symptoms are consistent and do not subside with proper dental hygiene. Call our dentist in North Palm Beach to schedule your next dental cleaning and thorough examination. Don’t let bad breath linger! Call today to get the fresh and healthy smile of your dreams!