19 Oct 2018
Where is the best emergency dentist north palm beach?

Knocking out a tooth is one of the most damaging and scary things you can do to your mouth. It is important to act quickly, stay calm, and follow a certain set of rules if you want to hope to save the tooth. This is a time when you’ll for sure need an emergency dentist North Palm Beach.

Handle the Tooth by the Crown Only

These steps are important to take if you even knock a tooth out, but this one is the most important. After your tooth gets knocked out, handle it by the crown only. The root is very sensitive and can be permanently damaged with little contact. If you damage the root, you won’t be able to put it back in your mouth.

Keep the Tooth Moist at All Times

Much like not touching the root of the tooth, keeping the tooth moist at all times is crucial. After you gently cleaned the tooth off with saliva or whole milk, you can try to put the tooth back into the socket. If it won’t fit back into the socket comfortably, then you will need to put the tooth in a plastic container and cover it with whole milk.

Contact a Dentist Immediately

The sooner you get to the dentist, the better. If you knock your tooth out, you’ll need to get to the dentist within 30 minutes to reattach your tooth. If you fail to get there within 30 minutes or do not do the things discussed above, chances are you will be talking to your dentist about dental implants instead of reattaching your natural tooth.

Where do I find a really good emergency dentist north palm beach?

Need an Emergency Dentist North Palm Beach?

Knowing where to get emergency dental care in your surrounding area is important. Contact us immediately if you need an emergency dentist North Palm Beach. Premier Dentistry is here for all of your dental needs.

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