23 Nov 2018

Few things are more traumatic than dealing with a severe injury to your mouth area. Not only does the mouth and smile play greatly into a person’s self-esteem, but it also plays a huge function in basic human needs like breathing and eating. If something happens to your mouth, it’ll be important for you to know where to find the best emergency dentist North Palm Beach.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

One of the most popular reasons you might go to see an emergency dentist is to deal with a chipped or cracked tooth. A chipped tooth isn’t as severe as a cracked tooth, but it needs to be handled all the same. If you do not get a chipped or cracked tooth repaired in a timely manner, you will be at great risk for even more damage and worse things, like an infection. Chipped and cracked teeth are easily fixed, so go get it fixed as soon as you notice it.

Knocked Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is probably the single most traumatic events that could happen to someone’s mouth. Unlike a chipped or cracked tooth, a knocked-out tooth requires quick action if you want to try to save the tooth. You need to immediately do the following:

  • Wash off the tooth with whole milk
  • Try to place it back in the socket
  • If it won’t fit back in, store tooth in a container with whole milk
  • Get to the dentist within a half hour

If you do all of those things, there is a chance you might be able to save your tooth. Even if you do all of those things, there is no promise that your dental professional will able to salvage your tooth. You might have to live with a dental implant or bridge for the rest of your life if the tooth cannot be re-attached.

Where is a good emergency dentist North Palm Beach?

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