31 Jan 2020

What’s the difference between a general dentist and a family dentist in West Palm Beach? While both types of dentists have major things in common, there is a subtle difference that is important to you and your lifestyle. A general dentist is primarily concerned with helping patients maintain their healthy smiles. Typically, a general dentist will treat patients within a certain age range. Family dentists will treat patients of all ages, which is beneficial for families with varying schedules. Family dentistry helps to maintain oral health throughout every phase of life.

Convenient Dental Care

Every smile has specific needs that may vary based on patient history, age, and dental care habits. For example, babies have very different dental needs than a senior patient. A family dentist would be able to adapt to each individual’s dental care needs. They’re versatile and can care for every member of the family. Family dentists can also schedule multiple appointments together to help families balance their busy lives. This can be beneficial for families with multiple children who are heavily involved in after-school activities or people working multiple jobs. We understand that our patients have very busy lives, so we do everything we can to be as accessible as possible. Your family dentist in West Palm Beach offers patients a dentist for every member of the family all in one convenient location.

Lifelong Treatment

Your family dentist in West Palm Beach is able to monitor the health of your childrens’ smiles throughout their lives. This allows your child to receive individualized treatment that is greatly impacted by the knowledge of their patient history. Our teeth need specific care as we age, so it is beneficial for your dentist to be fully aware of their dental health background and hygiene habits.

Advanced Technology

Because your family dentist in West Palm Beach cares for people of all ages and needs, Your Premier Dentist has a variety of advanced technology and specialties in one convenient location. A family dentist is often equipped to handle a range of dental emergencies and issues in-house, rather than providing a specialist recommendation which may require a separate appointment at a different location. Choosing a family dentist can help you avoid extra scheduling and separate office bills. Talk to your family dentist in West Palm Beach to find out more about the different specialties offered by our team of experts.

Your family dentist in West Palm Beach offers a wide variety of treatments for any dental issue, no matter how big or small. Our services include regular dental cleanings, oral cancer screenings, cosmetic dentistry, restorative treatments, Invisalign, extractions, and even botox fillers. Our practice provides patients with a wide variety of treatments and procedures to accommodate every smile. Ask your family dentist in West Palm Beach for more information about our services.

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