17 Nov 2017
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There are more than 200,000 cases of oral cancer every single year in the United States. However, if you are able to detect the signs and symptoms early on, the chances of a quick recovery are greater. Here is what you should know about oral cancer screenings in order to better your Jupiter dental care:

What Is an Oral Cancer Screening?

An oral cancer screening is a thorough oral exam performed by your dentist. This screening is important to look for and identify signs of oral cancer. However, unless you suspect something is wrong, your dentist will perform an oral cancer screening during your routine dental exam. If there are signs of abnormal cells, your dentist will perform additional tests.

What Are the Signs of Oral Cancer?

Oral cancers can develop from a laundry list of causes. Using tobacco in any form, prolonged exposure to the sun, heavy drinking, gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), and an unhealthy diet are some common causes. However, some people do have a genetic predisposition. Symptoms of oral cancer include difficulty speaking and swallowing, sore throat, mouth sores, ear pain, bleeding in your mouth, and white or red patches.

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How Often Do I Need an Oral Cancer Screening?

It is recommended to get an oral cancer screening at least once a year. This allows your dentist to stay on top of any possible signs of cancer. The sooner you can catch a potential issue, the better potential outcome.

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