07 Mar 2019

How do you keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape? If you regularly see your Jupiter dentist, then you probably already know the ABC’s of preventive dental care. However, it’s not enough to brush and floss your teeth regularly. For a healthy mouth, here are three things you need to be aware of!


1. Schedule Bi-Annual Visits

Do you know that the number one reason why people succumb to gum disease and tooth loss is that they avoid their dentist? You need to address dental issues as early as possible to prevent problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and even cancer. Your dentist will be able to identify these problems and treat them promptly before they get worse.


2. Stop Drinking Soda

Aside from the added calories, drinking soda is harmful to your teeth. It contains two ingredients: citric acid and phosphoric acid. These two types of acids will erode your enamel and make it vulnerable to cavities. Instead of soda, drink plenty of water. Water is full of fluoride properties that are a natural remedy for cavity prevention!


3. Quit Lighting That Cigarette

Everyone keeps telling you to quit smoking because it’s bad for your health, but no one ever told you that it’s also bad for your teeth. The tar and nicotine present in cigarettes will not only darken your teeth but it will also make your gums recede. Smoking promotes plaque, damages your gum tissues and puts you at risk of tooth loss. To make matters worse, it also causes oral cancer.


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