10 Jan 2018
should i invest in jupiter orthdontics

If you’re embarking on the journey to a perfect smile with Invisalign, you should be prepared before going in. Jupiter orthodontics require some maintenance, so you may want to make a couple lifestyle changes. Keep reading to learn more about preparing your for Invisalign:

Expect Some Discomfort

There are so many more benefits to having Invisalign over regular bracket braces. However, some discomfort is unavoidable. This is because your teeth are still shifting. So, prepare yourself with the proper pain meds, if need be.

Purchase Multiple Tray Cases

You don’t want to get caught in the office without a case for your aligner. Instead, keep a few different cases between the house, office, and car so you don’t have to worry about placing your aligner in precarious places throughout the day.

Get on a Schedule

Because you’ll need to remove your aligners while you eat – and you can only have them off for a couple hours a day – you’ll want to plan accordingly. This is because you won’t be able to snack as much throughout the day. Pack healthy and full meals so that your fuel lasts until your next one.

what are the benefits of jupiter orthodontics

You’ll Need to Clean Your Aligners

Yup, your aligners may get a little gross when you’re wearing them every day. You can give them a gentle brush in the evening, or even soak them in denture cleaner while you eat, should they really need it.

You Might Have a Lisp

Don’t worry! You may have a slight lisp as you change aligners throughout your Invisalign journey. This is just an adjustment period. As your mouth explores the aligner and gets used to each one, it’ll lessen more and more.

Looking to Invest in Jupiter Orthodontics?

Your smile is worth the investment! Give Premier Dentistry a call to start your journey with Jupiter orthodontics.

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