07 Jan 2021

What are your dental health goals this year? Oral health is directly correlated to overall wellness, so make sure you are taking great care of your smile. Try to set a dental health goal to get you closer to the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve! Keep reading to learn more about some smile resolutions recommended by our best dentist in West Palm Beach!

Lift Tooth Discoloration

One simple way to update your smile for the new year is with professional teeth whitening! Tooth discoloration is natural, and it can be worsened by things like coffee, wine, or smoking. To help combat this discoloration, we recommend proper dental hygiene and regular dental cleanings. To lighten discoloration even further, we offer two methods of teeth whitening. In-office teeth bleaching is by far the most effective way to whiten your smile. This process can lift discoloration by about eight shades in as little as one hour. We also offer take home whitening kits so that you can gradually lighten discoloration from the comfort of your own home. If you suffer from tooth discoloration, call our best dentist in West Palm Beach to find out if teeth whitening treatments would be right for you!

Update Your Toolkit

When was the last time you replaced your toothbrush? Dental hygiene won’t do much if you aren’t using the right tools, so make sure your equipment is up to date! You should replace your soft-bristled toothbrush every three months so ensure that it is working effectively. Make sure you have floss or floss picks ready to go so that you can easily floss every night. Flossing is an essential component to maintaining a healthy smile, so try to reinforce this habit for the new year! Keep your floss readily available so that you can always remember to floss before bed. Consider getting a mouthwash to perfect your dental care routine! Mouthwash can help you reach specific smile goals, like having fresh breath or whitening your teeth. Ask our best dentist in West Palm Beach for a mouthwash recommendation that can get you closer to the healthy smile you want!

Make a Plan for Your Smile

Whether you are interested in getting teeth whitening, Invisalign, or even composite bonding, your dream smile starts with a plan. You never know what dental treatment options are available to you until you talk to our best dentist in West Palm Beach. We offer a wide variety of comprehensive and affordable dental treatments so that our patients can get the healthy and beautiful smiles of their dreams. Schedule a visit to our office so that we can give your smile a full check-up and offer recommendations for getting you closer to your dream smile. We can talk with you about your specific smile goals and find the right path forward to get you to a place where you feel confident with your smile!

Schedule a visit with our best dentist in West Palm Beach! You can reach our office by calling (561) 686-2077 or by filling out an appointment request form directly on our site. Get the smile of your dreams this year! Call our office to book your next visit with us.

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