21 Jun 2018
Who offers the best North Palm Beach dental care?

Your dentist comes with the equivalent to an entire tool belt. But, while the tools may look familiar, their use isn’t always as self-explanatory as a hammer and a screwdriver, but many have simple uses. Keep reading to learn about the popular tools involved in your North Palm Beach dental care:


It comes to no surprise that a mirror is used simply for seeing things. Visual assessments of your mouth are extremely important for oral care. But, it can be tricky to see what’s going on on all sides of your teeth without a little help. Small, circular mirrors give your dentist a better view of what’s behind those molars in the back.


There’s more to your oral health than the appearance of your smile. The texture and strength of your enamel and gums can say a lot. For example, a probe can be used to feel sore spots in the gums or developing cavities. They give the dentist a better idea of the severity of the issue.

Why do I need North Palm Beach dental care?


Unfortunately, not all of us maintain the best oral health possible. A scaler is great for getting rid of plaque and calculus buildups above the gum line. These are used gently so they do not cause any additional damage.


Suction is definitely a patient-favorite! In between water rinses and long periods of an open mouth, the suction tool can keep you comfortable.

Looking for the Best Provider in North Palm Beach Dental Care?

You deserve the best in North Palm Beach dental care! At Premier Dentistry, we pride ourselves on providing comfortable and state-of-the-art care. So, contact us today to learn more and schedule your next dental appointment.

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