12 Sep 2018
Where can I find north palm beach orthodontics?

When it comes to straightening your teeth, many people wonder if they really need braces. Based on your individual needs we can also tell you what level of correction you need.

where can I find north palm beach orthodontics?

Oral Benefits


As important as appearance can be, the benefit of braces goes beyond just aesthetics.  Straight teeth help an individual more effectively bite, chew, and even speak.  It may come as a surprise that straight teeth contribute to healthy teeth and gums.  Straighter teeth are easier to brush, clean, and floss! The ability to take better care of the teeth through oral hygiene also helps prevent future cavities and periodontal disease. Properly aligned teeth and jaws may even also alleviate unnecessary wear and grinding. Protruding upper teeth are more likely to be broken or traumatized in an accident.


Why Do I Need Braces?


Most people assume that the only reason to get braces is that you want straighter teeth. That is definitely one of the results of getting braces, but for many people, it isn’t the only reason or even the primary reason they get braces. Braces have a number of functions and can correct a range of problems, including cosmetic issues, but also can improve a wide number of health issues in both the dental and physical category. If your teeth are very out of shape or need serious repositioning, braces are the answer for you.


North Palm Beach Orthodontics


Here at Premier Dentistry, we strive to make all of our patients as comfortable as possible. We want your experience with us to be enjoyable.

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