18 Apr 2018
Who is the best oral surgeon in Jupiter?

Oral surgery is just as important as any other surgery would be! So, when going in to see your oral surgeon in Jupiter, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. Here are five questions that should be answered during your consultation:

Will I need sedation?

Sedation dentistry is extremely safe and regulated nowadays. So, it’s a popular option when going into oral surgery. However, you may need a ride home afterward. Certain medication can also affect your sedation, so definitely speak up.

What will post-op be like?

Chances are, you can expect some pain post-op. Pain medication may be necessary. So, you need to get a full understanding of what to expect so that you can prepare.

Are they a board-certified oral surgeon?

You need to make sure you have a board-certified oral surgeon and not just your general dentist behind your procedure. Asking about their education and experience is wise!

What is an oral surgeon in Jupiter?

Will the same surgeon be in the consultation and post-care?

Some larger practices will have a different pre and post-care physician. It’s best to know who will be involved throughout the care process.

Who can you contact in the event of an emergency post-operation?

Some surgeons will even go as far as to give you their cell number post-op. However, others prefer you contact the office. You need to have the correct number in the event of questions or an emergency.

Are You Looking for an Oral Surgeon in Jupiter?

You deserve the best oral care out there! So, if you’re looking for an oral surgeon in Jupiter, contact us at Premier Dentistry to schedule a consultation.

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