16 Aug 2018
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Sometimes you need to take the extra step to save your smile. After a root canal, our oral surgeon in North Palm Beach may suggest an apicoectomy, should infection persist. Here’s what you should know about the procedure:

What is an Apicoectomy?

An apicoectomy is the next step in ridding a tooth of infection after a root canal has failed. Root canals are great for removing damage and disease inside the tooth. But, sometimes infection will persist for an array of reasons. During an apicoectomy, we remove the infected top of a tooth root and seal it to prevent further infection. It is considered surgery, but the actual procedure is minor!

Should I Get an Apicoectomy?

In order to determine if you’re in need of an apicoectomy, you need to see our dentist. After a root canal, if your tooth continues to be plagued by disease, we may recommend it. This may be the next chance to save your tooth as a more conservative form of restoration.

When should I see an oral surgeon in North Palm Beach?

What are the Benefits of an Apicoectomy?

There are several benefits to getting an apicoectomy. Even if the circumstances aren’t ideal, restoring your health alone is a huge benefit. Other great things about this procedure include that it’s easier to heal from than a root canal, it doesn’t require too much time in the chair, and it can save your tooth!

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