14 Nov 2018

When it comes to oral infections that need to be handled by an oral surgeon West Palm Beach, there are few things worse than a root canal infection. It is a dangerous infection that can spread throughout the body with ease once it gets into the bloodstream. Knowing what causes it and why you need to handle it quickly is important to your overall health.

Can Be Caused by Several Different Things

Root canal infections are some of the hardest to handle and dangerous infections a person could have. A root canal infection occurs when bacteria invade the interior parts of a tooth. The pulp — or soft tissue inside the tooth — is highly susceptible to infections caused by bacteria that should not be there. Root canal infections can be caused by primarily two things: cracked teeth and extreme tooth decay. If your teeth are damaged, you need to go visit a dentist before it spirals out of control into a root canal infection.

The Infection Can Spread Quickly

The reason root canal infections are so dangerous is that of how quickly they can spread into the rest of your body with ease. Given that by the time you have an inner tooth infection, there is a large list of other things that go along with it that are bad for your health. The infection can spread into the neck, ears, sinuses, and your bloodstream if it isn’t handled quick enough. If you let that happen, chances are you won’t need a dentist because you will be headed for the hospital and need more hands-on medical care.

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