26 Oct 2018
Who is the best oral surgeon West Palm Beach?

Have you been putting off an oral procedure because you are nervous to go to an oral surgeon West Palm Beach? Don’t fret! Going to see an oral surgeon isn’t as scary as you would think. In fact, seeing one can only help you fix whatever is ailing you in your mouth.


There are a few reasons why you might need to get an extraction. If you have an infected tooth that has been compromised, you’ll need to get the tooth removed. Getting your wisdom teeth removed is also another form of extraction. The procedure involves cutting not only into gum but also the jawbone to remove the tooth.

Placement of Dental Implants

One of the most common reasons people visit an oral surgeon, aside from wisdom teeth, is to get dental implants placed. Much like an extraction, getting an implant placed involves cutting into both the gums and jawbone. Unlike extractions, placing dental implants involve putting something where the tooth went. Titanium or porcelain screws are put into the jawbone, then the implant is put on top of that.

Sinus Lifts and More

Unlike the two things mentioned before, sinus lifts are not that common. It is a process used to thicken the bone of the upper jaw. When the bone has thinned or wasn’t thick enough to hold something like an implant to begin with, oral surgeons can go in and promote bone growth in the area by cutting into the sinus area. Other uncommon procedures that you can see an oral surgeon for is getting bone grafts, repairing the jaw, and replacing lost teeth.

Where is an oral surgeon west palm beach?

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