28 Jun 2018
Why does my child need pediatric dentistry in Jupiter?

Early dentistry is more important than you may think! But, with developing oral habits sometimes comes dental issues. Don’t freak out! Here are common issues we see with pediatric dentistry in Jupiter:


Because they’re not as familiar with brushing and flossing yet, cavities in kids is very common. At home, you can continue to keep a watchful eye and make sure your child is getting the hard-to-reach places.


Children who suck their thumbs use it as a self-soothing technique. But, over time, the pressure applied can push teeth forward and cause bit issues.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding isn’t uncommon in children. While most children grow out of this as they get older, others don’t. Over time, this can wear down the enamel of temporary or permanent teeth, as well as cause muscular issues, affecting the overall health of the jaw.

Why is pediatric dentistry in Jupiter so important?

Wisdom Teeth

Some of us have wisdom teeth, others don’t. When wisdom teeth erupt, they can cause issues, including impaction and crowding by taking up space far back in the jaw. But, wisdom tooth extraction is extremely common and safe.

Dental Anxiety

Look, even some adults get scared when it comes to the dentist. There is a lot of unknown when you’re a child, and shiny, metal tools can be overwhelming. But, our dentists are trained to deal with this, so don’t hesitate to mention it at any time before or during the visit.

Is Your Child in Need of Pediatric Dentistry in Jupiter?

Your child’s early health care is so important. So, if they’re in need of pediatric dentistry in Jupiter, don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us at Premier Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

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