14 Sep 2018
Where can my child get pediatric dentistry jupiter?

A wiggly tooth can be an exciting time for your child. But, at a certain point, it seems to be time just to get rid of the little thing. But, before you get to pulling, there are a few things about pediatric dentistry in North Palm Beach you should think about.

Should I Pull My Child’s Loose Tooth?

Strings and doorknobs may have been our go-to when we were younger. But, pulling a loose baby tooth isn’t always the wisest idea. If the tooth isn’t loose enough, you risk damaging soft tissue. So, it’s best just to let your child play with the tooth until it falls out on its own. Don’t worry! If they swallow it, they won’t choke.

Why Won’t My Child’s Baby Tooth Fall Out?

There are several reasons a baby tooth may not fall out, and typically, it’s not a huge call for concern. Sometimes a permanent tooth will start to erupt oddly, showing up in front or behind the baby tooth. Other times, though less likely, is that the permanent tooth didn’t develop at all. Our dentist can provide guidance in either situation!

Why does my child need pediatric dentistry in North Palm Beach?

What Happens When a Baby Tooth Falls Out Early?

Baby teeth are meant to act as places holders for permanent teeth. Typically, they won’t start falling out until the age of five or six years. However, if a baby tooth falls out early, it’s smart to contact your kid’s dentist. If a baby tooth is not there to prepare the mouth for a permanent tooth, crowding and other issues may occur. So, our dentist may recommend a spacer.

Is Your Child in Need of Pediatric Dentistry in North Palm Beach?

Your child’s oral health is so important for their current and future overall health! So, if your child is in need of pediatric dentistry in North Palm Beach, contact Premier Dentistry today to schedule an appointment!

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