19 Dec 2017
how can i help my child with fear over pediatric dentistry in west palm beach

When it comes to fear of the dentist, a lot of it is rooted in the unknown. That’s why dental anxiety and phobia is so common. From the tools they use to what your teeth may tell them, a dentist can be a little intimidating. But, it is essential to your overall health that you see a dentist on a regular basis. Here is how to handle your child’s anxiety over pediatric dentistry in West Palm Beach:

Talk with the Dentist

Our dentists are trained to handle any and all dental situations – even those related to dental anxiety. Let the dentist know that your child is feeling a little squeamish about his or her visit. They can then answer and all questions to make the visit easier.

Practice Oral Hygiene Habits

If you teach your child to have good oral hygiene habits, he or she can feel confident going into their appointment. This includes brushing morning and night, flossing at least once daily, and teaching them about mouth healthy foods. Knowing that they’re caring for their teeth may limit their worry over a bad bill of health.

can a dentist help with anxiety over pediatric dentistry in west palm beach

Lead by Example

If you can, take your child to your dental appointment. Or, have a child who isn’t afraid go first. Showing that it’s not so bad can put their mind at ease and make it easier to get them in the chair and sitting still.

See the Same Dentist

Coming back to the same dentist eliminates some guesswork for your child. When you see the same dentist, they are able to build a rapport and start to get comfortable with them.

Are You Looking for Pediatric Dentistry in West Palm Beach?

Pediatric dentistry in West Palm Beach is essential to your child’s oral and overall health. At Premiere Dentistry, we dedicate our time and expertise to creating a comfortable environment. So, contact us today to schedule an appointment!