13 Dec 2018
Where is the best restorative dentistry Jupiter?

No one has a truly perfect smile naturally, not even movie stars. Restorative dentistry Jupiter can help you get the perfect set of teeth you have always desired.

Dental Implants

One of the more popular and functional types of restorative dentistry is dental implants. Implants involve a titanium or ceramic screw (or implant) being surgically placed into the jawbone that is then topped with a dental crown to replace a missing tooth. This not only helps you regain your former smile but also the function in your mouth. It is important to replace the missing tooth with an implant or bridge in order to prevent your other teeth from shifting out of place. This causes several issues, in addition, to further disfigure your mouth.

Dental Bridges

Much like dental implants, dental bridges are a great way to replace a missing tooth in your mouth. Unlike implants, bridges do not involve surgically placing something into your jawbone but instead using dental crowns to bridge the gap between two teeth. The two teeth that are next to the open socket are fitted for a bridge, which looks like a small section of teeth, and then installed like a dental crown would be.

Fillings and More

Other types of restorative dental procedures are things like fillings, crowns, and anything else that can restore your teeth to a more functional state. Veneers are typically viewed as a purely cosmetic surgery, but they too can fall into this category due to how they can help those who lost enamel on their teeth and suffer from extreme sensitivity.

Where is a good restorative dentistry Jupiter?

Looking for Restorative Dentistry Jupiter?

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