07 Jan 2019

Few things are scarier than needing a same day dentist Jupiter. Not only is your smile the first thing people notice normally, but having an injury occur in your mouth can be both painful and costly. Thankfully, the right dentist can help you with what you need.

Knocked Out Teeth

The most common reason someone might need an emergency dentist is to handle a knocked-out tooth. Knocking out a tooth can be one of the most traumatic oral injuries someone can face due to how much blood loss can occur and the damage that could be done to your mouth because of it. It is important to never handle a knocked-out tooth by the roots, only the crown. If the roots are damaged, there is little to no chance of having it re-inserted into your jaw. It is also important to get to the dentist as quickly as possible and to store the tooth in a container of whole milk or warm water. Always keep the tooth wet or submerged in water.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

A chipped or cracked tooth can be both an emergency and non-emergency procedure. Depending on how bad your tooth is chipped, you might need to visit a same day dentist but sometimes they can be pushed off to the first available regular appointment on the books. A cracked tooth, on the other hand, is much more dangerous because of the potential risk for infection. A cracked tooth means that the inner tissue of the tooth is exposed, which opens yourself up for the virtual guarantee of a terrible infection. If you suspect you have either issue, you should still contact your dentist as soon as possible.

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