01 Jul 2021
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Cavities can wreak havoc on a healthy smile. Luckily, cavities can be easily cared for before they can cause serious damage to your smile. Root canal treatment is one of the most routine procedures performed by dentists throughout the world. Root canal therapy helps to clear cavities so that your tooth does not become infected or severely decayed. If you suffer from cavities, you may benefit from root canal therapy. Call our office to learn more about Jupiter root canal therapy and schedule your next visit today!

The process of getting root canal treatment is very simple. In short, the decay is removed from the tooth and the tooth is then filled in to prevent future decay from occurring. The pulp of the tooth consists of dead nerves tissue, blood vessels, and the tooth’s core. When decay reaches the core of the tooth, it can sometimes leave your tooth vulnerable to infection. If decay gets under the surface of the tooth and affects the root, the tooth could develop an abscess. This is a seriously dangerous condition, and it can even be life-threatening if not cared for right away. Root canal therapy is performed to prevent this abscess from developing. The infected tooth is drilled into and cleaned by the dentist, and then it is typically filled with ceramic resin or covered with a crown. This will shield the tooth from future decay and provide you with a functional restoration.

Root canal therapy can truly save your smile from serious damage. Dental decay happens slowly over time, and you may not even realize that your smile is at risk for infection. That is why it is so important to visit our office regularly for your six month check-ups and cleanings. It is possible to catch oral health issues before they become seriously harmful for your smile, but you have to stay vigilant. That means that you need to come in every six months to have your smile evaluated by a professional. However, it is possible that even the healthiest smiles may one day need Jupiter root canal therapy. Dental decay can happen even if you take excellent care of your teeth and gums. It is always best to maintain your healthy smile rather than treat an immediate emergency, so make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your teeth and gums.

Contrary to what you may have seen in movies or television, getting root canal therapy does not hurt. This is a common misconception that has unfortunately helped fuel dental anxiety in many patients. However, root canal treatment is a quick and painless process. Our dentist will numb the area so you will not feel more than slight pressure on the affected tooth, and generally you will not be put under anesthesia. However, every smile is unique and so your specific needs may be different from others. The only way to know what your experience will be like is to schedule a consultation with our team. We can help you better understand exactly what your Jupiter root canal process will be like.

Call our office to book your smile consultation or to schedule your root canal treatment. You can reach our team by calling (561) 747-7111 or fill out a contact request form directly on our site. We look forward to helping you achieve the healthy and strong smile you deserve, so call our team today!

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