When you lose all or most of your teeth, numerous issues can arise. Your facial muscles begin to sag, words get slurred, and chewing becomes harder than ever before. Luckily, there is a way that you can restore your smile. You can replace your teeth and surrounding tissues with dentures.

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  • Enhanced mouth functionality
  • Eliminates dietary restrictions (i.e. hard foods)
  • Visually beautiful smile
  • Long-lasting
  • Improved speech


    The Process

    The denture process begins with an initial evaluation of your mouth, jaw, and teeth. Your dentist will discuss which type of denture is the best option for you. We will take impressions of your jaw and teeth to create dentures fitted to your mouth. The denture is created to match the natural color of your teeth and shape before it is finalized.

    Afterward, your new dentures will arrive, and you will come in for denture placement. We will make the necessary adjustments to perfect a comfortable smile you will love. Your mouth requires an adjusting period by inserting and removing them. You may experience soreness or a buildup of saliva during the first week. Afterward, you can expect to get a newfound smile that will last for many years!