15 Mar 2019
where is the best teeth whitening Jupiter?

Despite having a quick fix to your teeth discoloration problem, the fact is, nothing in life comes easy. Sure you can have your teeth whitened in a couple of hours and come out with a dazzling white smile right after but it doesn’t mean you can go back to your old habits, well at least not right away. Do you know that what you eat and/or drink hours after the treatment will affect the results of your Teeth Whitening Jupiter? Before the treatment, your dentist will discuss with you some of the things you need to give up following a teeth-whitening treatment. 

Dark Chocolate

After the treatment, you will be happy to see the significant change in the color of your teeth. Most people like to reward themselves with a bar of dark chocolate to celebrate their new look. Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy a bite of dark chocolate after a teeth-whitening treatment because it will completely ruin the procedure. Keep in mind that your teeth are highly porous at this time and it will absorb the color of whatever you are eating or drinking. 


Are you a slave to caffeine? Is having a cup of coffee needed to help you function throughout the day? If yes, you may want to reconsider the teeth whitening treatment because, after the treatment, you will be advised to stay away from dark colored beverages. If you can’t help it, you can use a straw and order an iced coffee instead of the usual hot morning cup. 

Red Wine

A glass of red wine is good for your health and not only that; it’s the perfect drink to end a long day because it helps you relax. However, if you’ve just had your teeth whitened, you cannot drink wine because it can lead to further tooth staining. You can opt for white wine instead. 

where is good teeth whitening Jupiter?

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Teeth Whitening Jupiter is an excellent cosmetic treatment to enhance your smile.  Here at Premier Dentistry, we are proud to offer the absolute best in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. Our main priority is your complete comfort. Call us today for an appointment. 

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