05 Aug 2019
what is teeth whitening west palm beach?

Do you want to hear some good news? After paying for professional teeth whitening West Palm Beach treatment you can enjoy a flawlessly white smile for up to three years! Yes, that’s how long teeth whitening treatment can last. After the treatment, your dentist will give you specific instructions that you need to follow in order to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. If you don’t comply you won’t be able to enjoy the full benefits of the treatment. In other words, don’t expect your pearly whites to stay that way if you neglect to care for your teeth.

Daily Brushing and Flossing

Daily brushing and flossing are required for everyone but more especially so for those who have just had their teeth whitened. To keep your pearly whites stain-free we recommend that you find time to brush your teeth after having your breakfast and before retiring to bed at the very least. It also helps to find a toothpaste brand that protects your teeth against yellowing. Ask your dentist for recommendations.

Avoid Dark Colored Beverages After Teeth Whitening West Palm Beach

Are you aware that certain drinks can actually stain your teeth? If you are a fan of coffee, tea, wine and sodas you may want to consider quitting. These dark-colored drinks are notorious for causing your teeth to yellow. Drinking dark-colored beverages will deem the whitening treatment useless. If you can’t help yourself use a straw when you consume these drinks so that it will not come in contact with your teeth or rinse your mouth with water after drinking coffee, tea or wine.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly For Teeth Cleaning

Although brushing can help remove stains, nothing compares to the tools your dentist has that are designed to remove surface stains. Your dentist has the tools and the techniques to effectively remove stains and discoloration without using bleach.

what is teeth whitening west palm beach?

Looking for Teeth Whitening West Palm Beach?

Preserve the effects of teeth whitening West Palm Beach by following these three tips. Here at Premier Dentistry, we are proud to offer the absolute best in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. Our main priority is your complete comfort. Call us today for an appointment.

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