01 Jun 2021
tooth anatomy

Teeth may need to be removed if they have been severely affected by dental decay or enamel erosion. Oral infections can occur in teeth that have deteriorated significantly which may put your whole smile at risk. Infected or damaged teeth may lead to a dental abscess or other serious issue, so a tooth extraction may be recommended. Keep reading to learn more about a West Palm Beach tooth extraction procedure.

A full assessment of your smile will be necessary to determine if a West Palm Beach tooth extraction would be appropriate. Our dentist will examine your teeth and gums at your regular six month check-up unless there seems to be signs of a dental emergency. If you notice swelling or persistent tooth pain, we recommend that you come in right away. A dental emergency could seriously threaten your overall health and may need to be treated immediately. Tooth extractions should be performed before a dental emergency can develop into a serious condition, so try to stay up to date with regular visits. If you believe you are experiencing a dental emergency, an immediate extraction may be necessary.

A typical West Palm Beach tooth extraction is a simple procedure. This process involves the dentist numbing the area, removing the tooth, and helping a clot form. Teeth are removed using an elevator that gently lifts the tooth out of place and then it is removed with forceps. The area will quickly clot and you will likely just need to hold gauze on the gums until the bleeding stops. A more complex West Palm Beach tooth extraction would be a surgical procedure. This process may require an incision to remove the tooth completely. Patients may be sedated or put under general anesthesia so that this procedure can be performed safely and efficiently. This type of extraction is typically for wisdom teeth or broken teeth after an injury.

Sedation dentistry is an essential component to tooth extractions and is typically used to help make the process easier. There are many types of sedation dentistry available to help make your procedure easier. Minimal sedation can help to relax a patient but keep them awake for the duration of their procedure. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a common method of sedation to help patients feel more comfortable for their procedure. Moderate sedation may be used in the form of oral medication. This type of sedation may cause drowsiness and it is often recommended that patients are accompanied by a friend or family member to drive them home. IV sedation is a more advanced level of sedation that can quickly put a patient to sleep or help them relax. General anesthesia is used to put a patient completely to sleep for the duration of their extraction. This will typically be used during surgical extractions and more advanced procedures.

To learn more about your West Palm Beach tooth extraction procedure, call our office to schedule a consultation. You can reach our team by calling (561) 686-2077 or by filling out a contact form directly on our site. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy smile, so call our office today!

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