07 Jan 2021

Tooth pain can be a sign that you are experiencing a serious dental health issue. If you experience frequent tooth pain in one area of your mouth, make sure you call our office to schedule a check-up. Pain can be a sign of a dental emergency, so don’t ignore your discomfort. Keep reading to learn more about the causes of tooth pain and how to treat any discomfort.

There are several things that could be contributing to your tooth pain, and some reasons may be more severe than others. Minor tooth pain could be a symptom of gum irritation or sensitivity. These issues can typically be treated at home with proper oral hygiene and sensitivity toothpaste. Make sure you are taking excellent care of your smile so that you can reduce your risk for developing an oral health issue. Visiting our best dentist in North Palm Beach every six months for a dental cleaning and check-up can help keep your smile healthy and pain-free. So many oral health emergencies can be prevented by simply maintaining a healthy smile and staying up to date with regular dental visits. We can alert you to anything serious like cavities, teeth grinding, or weakened enamel before it begins to become painful or uncomfortable.

Serious dental pain is a sign that something is not right with your smile. Shooting pain in one area of the mouth could indicate a late-stage cavity, an oral infection, or a dental abscess. These conditions can be dangerous for your smile so it is essential that you monitor any signs of dental pain. Other signs of a serious oral health issue include facial swelling, pus, fever, or headache. An abscess can be fatal if not treated right away, so make sure you are paying attention to any dental pain you may be experiencing. Other things that may cause sharp tooth pain include a fractured tooth, infected gums, tooth eruption, problems with wisdom teeth, dental decay, or a damaged filling. The only way to protect your smile from dental pain is to talk to our best dentist in North Palm Beach. If you are experiencing mild or extreme dental pain, call our office. We can help you understand if your oral health issue is a simple toothache or something greater.

If your pain is throughout your smile, you may be experiencing discomfort due to teeth grinding. Many people grind their teeth due to stress and anxiety, and they often do it when they are sleeping or otherwise unaware of it. This can cause serious headaches, facial pain, swelling, loose teeth, and the wearing down of your enamel. While you may be able to deal with the daily discomfort, teeth grinding can actually have some serious consequences later on in life. Untreated bruxism could lead to jaw problems, loss of teeth, tooth damage, and weakened enamel. Protect your smile by talking to our team about bruxism. We can recommend a mouthguard or further treatment to help protect your teeth.

If you have further questions about tooth pain, call our best dentist in North Palm Beach. Our team can find out what the source of your discomfort may be and find the best treatment plan to suit your needs. Don’t ignore oral pain; call our office today to schedule your check-up and evaluation.