03 Oct 2018
Where can I find the best walk-in dentist jupiter?

Night guards are especially useful for those who grind their teeth in their sleep. This dental guard can protect your teeth and prevent oral pain.

Where can I find the best walk-in dentist jupiter?

What is a Night Guard?


Night guards come in hard, medium, and soft varieties, with the soft ones resembling mouth guards for sports and hard ones resembling clear plastic retainers, though they’re much sturdier and you usually only need one for the upper teeth. Wearing a night guard provides a cushioning effect so that the upper and lower teeth can’t wear away at each other. It will protect your teeth from external damage caused by grinding, such as chipping and erosion, but as long as the grinding still happens, other symptoms like jaw pain may not change.


The Benefits


Beyond preventing symptoms when bruxism occurs, custom mouth guards may also help to reduce the frequency of your teeth grinding and clenching. Researchers have found that wearing a custom night guard can reduce the frequency and intensity of grinding sessions. Combined with relaxation techniques, wearing a custom night mouth guard provides the best chance to not only reduce your symptoms but also to decrease the frequency and intensity of teeth grinding episodes. Unlike the bulkier generic sports mouth guards which may damage tooth alignment, custom dental night guards may even improve tooth alignment. We are here to help.


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