16 Oct 2020

Your Premier Dentist offers patients the opportunity to schedule Saturday appointments and walk-in visits. Saturday visits offer our clients flexible hours to help accommodate their busy schedules. This can be a good option for patients who work full-time on weekdays or if they have to balance their children’s schedules. Walk-in visits are available for emergency situations or immediate dental treatment. Keep reading to learn more about available services offered by our WPB Saturday dentist.

Our team offers a wide variety of services to help our patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles! Whether you need a dental cleaning or a teeth whitening treatment, you can trust that our team can help you reach your smile goals! It is so important that you maintain regular visits to our clinic to have your teeth and gums professionally cleaned and examined. You should schedule a visit with us every six months for a proper dental check-up. Call our WPB Saturday dentist to learn more about our flexible hours.

Dental cleanings help to remove plaque and tartar that may buildup on the teeth and gums. This reduces risk for developing gum disease and dental decay. Professional cleanings are necessary to maintain a healthy smile and prevent some dental health issues. Visiting the dentist regularly also helps reduce risk of experiencing a more serious dental health emergency. When you visit our WPB Saturday dentist, you will receive a thorough cleaning, exam, and possibly x-rays. Our dentist will “scale” your teeth, which is the act of scraping tartar off of the surface of teeth. Tartar can only be removed by a dentist, so you need to make sure that you are visiting our office twice per year. A fluoride treatment may also be provided to help strengthen enamel. After a thorough cleaning, we will examine your teeth and gums for abnormalities or signs of an issue. X-rays may also be taken to check for underlying oral health concerns.

If you are in need of cosmetic dental treatments, our team can schedule you for a weekend smile enhancement. Our team can help you achieve your smile goals with simple aesthetic adjustments to get you closer to your dream smile. Whether that means a simple teeth whitening, veneers, or just a simple consultation, we can help you get closer to the smile you desire! Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about how we can help adjust the color, shape, or size of your teeth to achieve your ideal look. Every smile is unique, so treatment will depend on your individual needs. Teeth whitening can be an excellent option for almost every smile, but the level of discoloration will determine what level of whitening you require. For other treatments like veneers or implants, several visits may be required. Our team can work with you to determine the appropriate course of treatment for your smile.

To schedule a visit with our WPB Saturday dentist, call Your Premier Dentist to book your visit. You can reach us by calling (561) 686-2077 or by filling out an appointment request form directly on our site. We can help book you a Saturday appointment to accommodate your busy schedule, so call today!

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