12 Dec 2017
should i be concerned with my west palm beach dental care

West Palm Beach dental care seems pretty straightforward. You brush, floss, and you see your dentist. But, there are some unsuspected causes of dental damage that you may not be aware of. So, brush up on your dental facts with these tidbits:

You Can Brush Too Hard

Your enamel is the strongest surface on your body. But that doesn’t mean it can’t sustain some wear and tear over time. You don’t need to press down while brushing. Being gentle and hitting all of your teeth’s surfaces in addition to flossing is thorough enough!

You Can Be Allergic to Toothpaste

Yup, that mouth irritation may be caused by an allergy. It’s not always easy to spot an oral allergy, but if you’re experiencing discomfort after brushing, you should definitely consult with your dentist about switching to a toothpaste that’s better for you!

Hormones Can Affect Oral Health

Pregnant women especially need to be aware of their oral health! This is because hormone fluctuations can alter your oral health and lead to issues such as gum disease. So, be sure to talk to your dentist about any alterations to your routine that should be made during hormonal times.

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Medications Can Affect Your Mouth

Medications can most definitely affect your mouth. They can introduce changes, including dry mouth. So, it is important to tell your dentist about any prescriptions you’re on, just in case they need to be on the lookout for significant and/or worrisome change.

Saliva Can Protect Your Teeth

Most of us don’t give saliva a second thought. I mean, why would we? But, keeping your whistle wet is important. That’s because saliva can fight against decay-causing bacteria. Now, it’s not to be solely relied on for all of your plaque-fighting. But, if you suffer from a dry mouth, it’s definitely worth noting at your next dental check-up.

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