22 Jan 2019
Where can I get west palm beach orthodontics?

Struggling with poor self-esteem is never easy especially during your teenage years when you are exaggeratingly mindful about your looks. The good news is that teenagers don’t have to deal with ugly teeth thanks to West Palm Beach Orthodontics. Braces are the best lifesavers for teens that are worried about their teeth.

Skin Tone

Your skin tone can help you determine what elastic band color to choose. Find a shade that best complements the color of your skin. For those who have olive or dark skin, go for bright jewel shades like navy, violet, turquoise or gold. For fair skinned individuals, fresh colors are your best bet like lilac, pastel pink, silver, and baby blue. Choosing a shade that suits your skin tone makes sure that your braces will look good with whatever ensemble you wear.

Teeth Color

Before you tell your dentist what color you want, keep in mind that it will contrast with the color of your teeth. If you have heavily stained teeth in a dark yellow shade, choose dark colors for your elastic bands to make your teeth appear whiter and steer clear from orange and yellow bands because these colors will make your teeth even yellower. If you want to go subtle, you can always ask your orthodontist for clear elastic bands. Don’t go for green, brown or black as people might think they’re food debris.

Holiday Colors

There are people who like to base their colors on certain occasions like green and red in December for Christmas, white, blue and red for the summer, black and orange for Halloween. Well, you get the picture.

Where is good west palm beach orthodontics?

Looking for Information About West Palm Beach Orthodontics?

Whatever colors you decide, the most important thing in West Palm Beach Orthodontics is to regularly see your dental professional to have them checked and adjusted. At Premier Dentistry, we are proud to offer the absolute best in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. Call us for an appointment.

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