06 Jul 2018
Who offers the best West Palm Beach orthodontics?

Invisalign is a great option for those looking to transform their smiles without making it obvious. West Palm Beach orthodontics can use these aligners for a variety of treatments. So, if your interest in Invisalign, keep reading to learn more:

What is Invisalign?

If you’re looking to align your smile without interrupting your lifestyle, Invisalign’s clear aligners may be a smart option for you. A series of clear aligners discreetly attach to your teeth, applying pressure where it’s needed. Over time, these aligners will work to shift your jaw and teeth where they should be.


Our teeth shift as we age. So, it’s not uncommon to have a little bit of spacing. But, drastic spacing can be unsightly and start to cause you issues. So, Invisalign can help to close these gaps.


The opposite of spacing is crowding. Sometimes shifting will cause your teeth to overlap. The eruption of wisdom teeth and impaction can lead to crowding as well. But, in order to maintain proper oral health, you need properly spaced teeth. Invisalign can spread teeth out just enough so they all have the proper spacing.


If you close your bite and see that your upper teeth hang over your lower teeth, this is called an overbite. Invisalign can work to push and pull on the jaws so that you have a nicely aligned bite.

Why do I need West Palm Beach orthodontics?


An underbite is when your lower jaw juts out past your top jaw. This can make chewing and speaking difficult.

Deep Bite

A deep bite can be the most detrimental malocclusion. This is when the lower teeth are misaligned to the point where the front teeth rise higher than the back teeth. At the same time, the upper teeth can overlap the lower teeth.

Are You Looking to Learn More About West Palm Beach Orthodontics?

Maintaining a beautiful smile doesn’t just include your appearance. West Palm Beach orthodontics can help create a healthy smile that’ll give you something to truly smile about. So, contact us at Premier Dentistry today to schedule an appointment!

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