30 Aug 2021

Addiction to sugar is easy to hide but how does it affect your teeth? Sugar addiction is just like any other addiction and there is a catastrophic impact on your dental health, but what does sugar addiction look like?

Eating Sugary Food When You’re Not Hungry

Sugary foods aren’t necessary for your diet but eating when you’re not hungry is always negatively impactful on your health. Eating sugary foods in excess builds up sugar on your enamel, deteriorating it and damaging your teeth. Addiction at this level may even lead to having to get a Dental Crown inserted in Jupiter Florida. This extra sugar isn’t necessary and outside of dental health can impact your body negatively. 

You’re Craving Salty Food

This doesn’t seem like a red flag, but it is. Craving salt is a large indicator of poor diet, dietary needs include vitamins and minerals which your teeth need to stay healthy. If you’re eating largely sugary foods you aren’t receiving the necessary nutrients for your body, or your dental health.

The Effects on your Teeth

From decaying your enamel and causing cavities to encouraging gum disease and other such ailments, noticing and acting on a sugar addiction is essential for your dental health, and your overall health in general. A sugar addiction can lead to tooth pain, rot, infection, and more. Understanding it and managing the addiction can help you avoid years of pain.

Sugar addiction is a chronic problem that dramatically impacts your dental health. Recognizing the addiction and taking steps to curb it can help you avoid unnecessary procedures. If you do have a sugar addiction, we’re proud to be able to provide procedures like dental crown inserts in the Jupiter area. Feel free to ask about sugar addiction at your next appointment!

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