16 Oct 2020

While tooth pain could be insignificant, it could also be a sign of a major oral health issue. Persistent dental pain can be an underlying issue such as a cavity or even a dental abscess. An abscess can be seriously harmful to your overall health, and may even be life-threatening if not cared for immediately. If you notice that you have consistent tooth pain in one area of your mouth, call our Jupiter emergency dentist right away. Our team can get you an appointment as soon as possible so that we can give you a thorough examination and cleaning.

A dental infection or injury could cause acute tooth pain. This type of tooth pain will need to be treated by our Jupiter emergency dentist because it could be a sign of a serious problem. Tooth sensitivity throughout the mouth may be due to enamel erosion or another oral health issue, and may require different treatment. If you have any discomfort in your teeth or gums, call our office to schedule an appointment. Our team will be able to tell you how serious it is, and what type of treatment would be appropriate to alleviate your discomfort.

The most common reasons for tooth and mouth pain include:

-jaw issues
-gum disease
-enamel erosion
-wisdom teeth

Tooth sensitivity can be due to enamel erosion or damage to your smile. This can often be treated by regular dental cleanings and fluoride treatments. Enamel can’t be regenerated once it is lost, but you can try to prevent further erosion from occurring. To avoid tooth sensitivity, try to reduce consumption of triggering drinks that may be too hot or cold. Extreme temperatures can make sensitivity worse, and some foods may be painful to chew. Use tooth sensitivity toothpaste to help prevent further sensitivity day-to-day.

For acute tooth pain, you’ll need to talk to our Jupiter emergency dentist. Extreme tooth pain could be a sign that you require a tooth extraction or root canal treatment. In cases of extreme infection, a tooth may need to be removed to protect the other healthy tooth surrounding the infected tooth. Tooth pain may also be a sign of a jaw issue, but could be presenting as tooth pain. Pain in the temporomandibular joint could also cause ear pain and sinus infections. This type of pain will need to be addressed to avoid permanent damage to your jaw.

Severe periodontitis, or gum disease, can lead to tooth sensitivity and gum tenderness. This may lead to dental decay in surrounding teeth and deterioration of healthy gum tissue. Gum recession can be painful, and it could lead to frequent tenderness and bleeding. Gum disease can be treated through regular dental cleanings and possible

A cavity can cause tooth sensitivity and pain, and will need to be treated before severe damage has occurred. The core of the tooth can become infected or decayed due to the collection of nerve tissue and bacteria. After a tooth is fully emerged, the pulp of the tooth is no longer necessary. If the core becomes infected or decayed, the core will need to be removed and filled to protect the rest of the tooth. Failure to remove an infected core could result in a dental abscess, which is seriously dangerous to your overall health. If you have tooth pain, it could be a sign that you require root canal therapy. Call our Jupiter emergency dentist to protect your smile and minimize risk for developing a dental abscess.

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